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So the other day someone on FB sent me a message telling me about how cool my author site is, you know, the articles, the humor, the short stories and so on. All good, he said, except there was a problem.

“What?” I asked.

“Where can I see your books?”

“Ah…well, HERE of course!” I said, after a brief two-hour pause in which I quickly churned out this page. Enjoy!

The 45th Nail

Historical fiction, by Michael and Ian Lahey

The result of about 30 years of research, travels, and interviews, culminating in an amazing tale of the search for a lost relative and an even more meaningful search for absolution through a minefield of memories which was Italy in the post-war years. A mix of travel diary, local culture, fiction and true stories.

Oh, and the wine.


Short Story Anthology by D.J. and Ian Lahey

A medieval headache, a programmer who just can’t figure out his co-worker and an unexpected dragon are just some of the things you just won’t be able to avoid if you read this collection of short stories. If you were planning to beat the Guinness World Record for most days without smiling, this book is sure to ruin your day.
You have been warned.


A short illustrated children’s story by Ian Lahey FREE on Amazon

“Didley”. That was the name they had chosen for their poor, unwanted child. Left with a strange doctor in an even stranger place Didley discovers the impossible secret at the core of Heahne Asylum.

“…an unforgettable tale where physical and personality differences, shunning, acceptance, loneliness, self-esteem, friendship, family, and belonging are all brought to the forefront, then dealt with in a most unconventional manner, resulting in a most surprising outcome for both characters and readers alike.”

“This story showed that even if you’re way different you can always find a place where you’re loved and included.” Lucy age 9

Winner of the IHIRBP Recommended Read Award.

The Janitor

Deceivingly short, in a few pages this noir tale takes you down a darkly humorous alley and then pounces on you for a final twist that will leave you grinning…evilly. This story is included in the 9by2 Short Story Anthology

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