What’s brewing

Main project

Channel: Speculative fiction. 
An impossible message from an impossible source. A weapon that can wipe out a city. A totally useless man.

To Cypher and to Sing: Science fiction.

Prequel to the Fairlight series, this trilogy explores the origins of the whimsically distopian world of “Sands”

Blurb draft:

AI is gently taking over menial tasks, while the protagonists, who are intent in solving the perfect crime with the help of the world’s most advanced android, slowly realize technological progress has an expiration date.

Aaron’s Unburiable Problem: Fantasy humor with zombies and let’s see what else I’ve got left in the fridge.
Young Aaron, the Undertaker’s son, has trouble dealing with the living and finds himself more at ease with his father’s dead customers. Lucky for him they’re starting to reciprocate.

The Fairlight Project, Book 1, (Sands): Fantasy and hard scifi all rolled up in one.
The great Codex of all magic is missing. Not that anyone would remember how to use it, but still.

Swamp King: Short story
Another children’s story like Asylum. More awesome illustrations coming soon. In the meantime, Swamp King has been published in the “9by2” anthology.

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